You Can’t Spell DANGER Without DANG!

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Artist Portrait Josh Row
Josh Row in front of one of his murals; Austin, Texas 2011
[EDIT] This is a Q & A I did with my buddy Josh Row back in 2011. I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I wrote this, but it was just like a "hey, we just made some photos, and now I wanna do something with them" type of thing. It happens from time to time. Anyway, here it is again in 2015. Enjoy. DFJ: Alrighty, let the folks know who you are. JROW: I'm a 33 yr old graphic designer from Austin, Texas. I've been riding a skateboard for well over half my life, and I have been drawing my whole life. I don't remember a time when I didn't draw. I'm doing alot of freelance work at the moment, and I recently went back to school to get a degree in graphic design. I work at No Comply skate shop and get to do a lot of the graphics and design. It has given me a spring board for my work and continues to prove beneficial to me and all affiliated. I love what I'm doing and hope to be doing it for a long time. Money or not, life is rad. I love Austin and everyone here. Its such a tight knit group of people. DFJ: Tell me about DANG! JROW: Dang is very close to my heart. It started out as a crew of close friends - there were about four of us. I just kept pushing it and it eventually became an entity of its own. It's kinda like a big family now. It's true numbers are shown at DANGSGIVING, which is a potluck we throw every year, just a few days before Thanksgiving. It is beyond me now. I just like watching it grow. DFJ: How would you describe your style? JROW: I know a lot of people are sticklers about a personal style but I'm not. Don't get me wrong, I have a style, but I also can set it aside and do other styles. Bruce Lee had a great philosophy, "Be like water." Formless and free - do whatever you want to do however you want to do it. For me it is a true love of creation and expression of ones feelings at that moment. DFJ: You've spun the trendy 365 photo project into your own thing this year. Tell me how The Daily Deck got started, and how it's been going so far. JROW: About a year ago, my friend Danica started doing a 365 portrait project and I thought it was a really cool idea. So for the past year I had been trying to come up with a project that would be fun and not take to much time out of my day. The Daily Deck is what I came up with. I started it on January 1st, and it has proven to be a great mind work out. You have to be sharp in today's work force. When I'm done, I plan to make a book - coffee table style. DFJ: Do you think you'll continue with The Daily Deck next year, or perhaps even start a different 365 project?
Artist Portrait Josh Row
Josh Row; Austin, Texas
JROW: Most likely, I will take a break for a year and do something new the year after. DFJ: So, as an artist, do you explore other creative outlets? JROW: I've gotten into photography as a fun hobby. I started a blog for my photography called Letters to Audrey about half a year ago - Audrey is The late and wonderful Audrey Hepburn. Its a B&W photo blog that I put my favorite photos on. I just post the photos as I take them - no manipulation. It's artsy and dumb but so am I. I had to make a 30 page book for one of my classes, so I decided to use the Letters to Audrey blog as a platform. I made the book through Blurb. Making books has become a hobby as well, so I don't think I will ever stop making books. I think they are beautiful, and I like the way they smell. DFJ: Last question:It always seems that most skaters are artists of some sort - why do you think that is? JROW: Skaters look at the world around them so differently. Skateboarding is an art, so it only makes sense that those who do it are considered artists. Be sure to check out more of Josh Row's work at the links below.